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Highlights! Want to enjoy my blog to the utmost? Check out these top posts. From a wine introduction to wine regions to dining experiences.

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Wine Introduction (Wine 101)A short read, starting with “Step 1”

Visiting the Rhone Valley wine region of France – Got to go there at least once in a lifetime!

Visiting Masterworks in BermudaSome of the world’s greatest art, in Bermuda no less!

Wine Pairings at The BriarsGreat cheat sheet for your own fine wine and dining.

Finest restaurant we discovered in ParisHeavenly dining experience, and the wine!

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Beauty Fades From the Train


Philip Craddock Writing Portfolio

You stand tall in the train, suspended by a solitary rusty metal chain which you clutch in your worn-out hands. The other grey commuters sit in silence, eyes staring straight ahead at nothing in particular, seemingly without anything to look forward to as they are shunted from point A to point B in their black and white lives.

She sits down in the seat opposite you, in Technicolor, and for a moment you allow your eyes to take her in and your imagination to run wild and free. God, she is beautiful. Her pink hair (you guess it may not be her natural colour) drapes down to her shoulders, carefully styled just enough to not look too unkempt whilst still not detracting from that “Don’t give a damn” persona that you imagine she likes to wear most days.

Her smooth skin is still flush with hope, her lips relaxed into…

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3 Mediterranean wines to savor. Blasón del Turra tempranillo, Piccini Chianti, Cedro Chianti Rufina Organic.

Blasón del Turra tempranillo, Piccini Chianti, Cedro Chianti Rufina Organic. One word on each in order: easy-drinking, nice acidity, impressive personality. In fine restaurants.

Not in LCBO. Available also to the public from Wine Lovers Agency, Woodbridge, Ontario.


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Viewpointe Cabernet Franc ’08 (Burgundy Label). Outstanding Lake Erie EPIC.

Medium plum red, stunning lively perfume of black cherries, blackberries, and forest floor, with leather, and fresh spring meadow. Medium-bodied, with silky smooth texture and a long finish. A brilliant wine. This ’08 follows the blockbuster “07, which is also still available. Both can be purchased directly from the winery.