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Niagara Vineyard Walks

Experience Niagara wine country like never before! Sip, stroll, and learn. Start with wine tasting in the winery, then get a guided tour in the vineyard. Learn about grape growing and how wine is made. In a gorgeous setting. Paul Singer, AKA “The Wine Baron,” is a seasoned wine blogger and has also been a…

A visit to Megalomaniac Wines in Niagara.

Fine wines, beautiful winery, great venue. I remember when John Howard first started out in the wine business. He launched and grew Vineland Estates, which he sold in 2004, then a few years later, he launched Megalomaniac. When the winery opened, people wondered if he had delusions of grandeur, or was he “poking fun at…

The fine art of Chris Bacon

A painter whose works inspire a deeper appreciation of nature around us. Chris Bacon has much to say through art, and his merit as a visual story-teller calls us to listen carefully.  Acute detail and realism infuse his paintings with inspiring effect. Few artists so concentrate their scope on one particular subject as he does;…

Toppling Goliath Pseudo Sue.

A worthy single-hop pale ale showcasing the Citra hop. I’ve been wanting to try any one of Toppling Giant’s beers for some time. Some of their brews finally reached my area, so I was excited to finally experience their pale ale, Pseudo Sue. Appearance The beer is pale gold, and appears in the glass like a…


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