The fine art of Chris Bacon

Paintings and art

A painter whose works inspire a deeper appreciation of nature around us.

Chris Bacon has much to say through art, and his merit as a visual story-teller calls us to listen carefully.  Acute detail and realism infuse his paintings with inspiring effect.

Few artists so concentrate their scope on one particular subject as he does; almost every time he picks up his brush, it is in appreciation of one animal: the bird.  His admiration for birds conveys fluidity and life in minute detail.

My wife and I are blessed to own a couple of Chris’s original paintings and several prints. Here I will focus on the painting, Flotilla,” and a few of his other fine works …

Flotilla, by Chris Bacon

‘Flotilla‘ is a beautiful painting to behold! Its grace is peaceful and captivating. One of the most moving paintings I’ve ever experienced. There is fluidity, movement, emotion, softness, strength, and innocence in this work.  At nearly 30 inches wide, it’s a large piece, with a real presence.

The original work proudly hangs in our dining room.

Visit the artist’s official website at

Chris’s career began in earnest when his Burlington art teacher introduced him to Robert Bateman, another local art teacher, who encouraged Chris’s talent. At the age of 19, his first exhibition sold out in three minutes on the preview night. That night launched a brilliant 40 year international career and extensive distinction for his artistic talent.

Bacon grew up in many places around the world as his family followed his father’s work relocations. One of Chris’s favourite childhood locations was Bermuda. He returns often. He is equally drawn to the north and camps and canoes often. He was recognized in 2004 with the Master Wildlife Artist Award from Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, in Wausau, Wisconsin.

Additional Reading …

We’ve followed Bacon’s career over several years. Following are a few helpful links.

Be sure to check out the new NFTs that Chris has issued (see under New Links)!

New Links

Blast from the past

This blog has followed wine and the arts for many years. Here are some memorable moments blogging about Chris:

Awards and Commissions:

The following awards and commissions are listed on Chris’s website.

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