Toppling Goliath Pseudo Sue.

A worthy single-hop pale ale showcasing the Citra hop.

Pseudo Sue Pale Ale

I’ve been wanting to try any one of Toppling Giant’s beers for some time. Some of their brews finally reached my area, so I was excited to finally experience their pale ale, Pseudo Sue.


The beer is pale gold, and appears in the glass like a hazy orange juice, with a touch of sediment. These characteristics already tell me this beer is made with authentic natural ingredients.


The Citra hop is essentially the star here. It imparts a good punch of grapefruit and pine aroma notes with all-around citrus flavors, accented by tropical fruit like mango, orange and pineapple. Sue starts off fantastic, and it finishes fantastic. Enjoy it on your patio on a warm summer day, or in a beer garden!


This ale doesn’t disappoint. Delicate in body. Relatively mild in bitterness. Loads of interesting dimensions! Pseudo Sue is a balanced pale ale with all the right things going on in the glass, especially if you’re a craft beer fan. Flavors come across non-bitter, and the Citra continues to shine throughout the drinking experience of this creamy ale.

Final Thoughts

Pseudo Sue is a fun, solid, pale ale. Medium-bodied, with average carbonation. Delicate, yet bold in tropical flavors. Creamy. A fun, bright experience in a glass. – 5.8% ABV, 45 IBU.

Toppling Goliath Brewery

About the Brewery: Toppling Goliath Brewing Company gets it right., and they’re winning awards hand over fist. The owners of the Iowa-based craft brewery, Clark and Barbara Lewey, got started in home brewing before taking the plunge to make a business of it. In about a decade, they’ve become famous for their highly rated IPAs, barrel-aged stouts, and other innovative flavor creations. Their distribution network now covers 30 states.

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Review by: Paul Singer (The Wine Baron)


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