Toppling Goliath Pseudo Sue.

A worthy single-hop pale ale showcasing the Citra hop. I’ve been wanting to try any one of Toppling Giant’s beers for some time. Some of their brews finally reached my area, so I was excited to finally experience their pale ale, Pseudo Sue. Appearance The beer is pale gold, and appears in the glass like aContinue reading “Toppling Goliath Pseudo Sue.”

Canvas Brewing of Huntsville off to a great start with refreshingly delicious Kölsch

I just met up with Steven and Jeff of Canvas Brewing. Their significantly large brewery is being built now beside Boston Pizza in downtown Huntsville. The boys already have their first product up and running. Until the tanks are installed, the beer is lovingly brewed nearby by Jeff, who truly knows how to make aContinue reading “Canvas Brewing of Huntsville off to a great start with refreshingly delicious Kölsch”

The good life at Windermere House on Lake Rosseau, #Muskoka – Craft beer of course

Want to feel peaceful, away from it all, and in the lap of luxury? This spot does the trick. Lake Rosseau is one of the gems of cottage country north of Toronto. Windermere House does it right. I’m dining here at the resort and enjoying a lager from @muskokabrewery . Refreshing and pure. Ahhhhh, theContinue reading “The good life at Windermere House on Lake Rosseau, #Muskoka – Craft beer of course”

Smithavens Brewing Company crafting attention getting beers

Smithavens Brewing of Peterborough is doing a great job getting their award-winning ales and lagers into The Beer Store, grocery stores and LCBO. I’m happy they’re getting easy to find because these are such great beers. You can’t beat small batch naturally brewed Ontario craft beer. These beers taste fresh and natural. Generally craft beersContinue reading “Smithavens Brewing Company crafting attention getting beers”

Barnstormer Flight Delay west coast style IPA

Having a Flight Delay IPA Craft Beer from @barnstormerbeer while I cook dinner. This robust west-coast style IPA is unfiltered and made with 4 types of specialty hops. Grapefruit, rich flavour and floral notes round out this fun ale. From the famous brewpub in Barrie, Ontario, the label design and Air-Craft concept of this enthusiasts’ beerContinue reading “Barnstormer Flight Delay west coast style IPA”

Railway City Iron Spike & Dead Elephant are two cool beers

I had occasion to visit Railway City Brewing in St. Thomas a couple of days ago. The brewhouse is state-of-the-art and the brewmaster really knows his stuff. Following are two of my favourites. Both available in LCBO. St. Thomas was once the railway capital of Canada, having six railway lines (compared to four in Toronto).Continue reading “Railway City Iron Spike & Dead Elephant are two cool beers”