Smithavens Brewing Company crafting attention getting beers

Smithavens Brewing of Peterborough is doing a great job getting their award-winning ales and lagers into The Beer Store, grocery stores and LCBO. I’m happy they’re getting easy to find because these are such great beers. You can’t beat small batch naturally brewed Ontario craft beer. These beers taste fresh and natural. Generally craft beersContinue reading “Smithavens Brewing Company crafting attention getting beers”

Barnstormer Flight Delay west coast style IPA

Having a Flight Delay IPA Craft Beer from @barnstormerbeer while I cook dinner. This robust west-coast style IPA is unfiltered and made with 4 types of specialty hops. Grapefruit, rich flavour and floral notes round out this fun ale. From the famous brewpub in Barrie, Ontario, the label design and Air-Craft concept of this enthusiasts’ beerContinue reading “Barnstormer Flight Delay west coast style IPA”

Railway City Iron Spike & Dead Elephant are two cool beers

I had occasion to visit Railway City Brewing in St. Thomas a couple of days ago. The brewhouse is state-of-the-art and the brewmaster really knows his stuff. Following are two of my favourites. Both available in LCBO. St. Thomas was once the railway capital of Canada, having six railway lines (compared to four in Toronto).Continue reading “Railway City Iron Spike & Dead Elephant are two cool beers”

The fare moves effortlessly from spetacular to decadent at Plank Restobar, Bronte Village, Oakville.

The baroness and I are lunching at Plank Restobar. The location is beautifully set on Lake Ontario at Fishernan’s Warf. Stephanie serves us efficienty and with a genuine smile. The seafood chowder and smoked turkey sandwich with brie are perfect. The beer choices are not the usual uninaginative stuff found elsewhere (today it’s 2 StieglContinue reading “The fare moves effortlessly from spetacular to decadent at Plank Restobar, Bronte Village, Oakville.”

Is Guinness as good in Canada as in Ireland?

Having been to Guinness in Ireland last year, we came back intigued about this.   So we decided to test the pints this side of the pond. Read about our visit to Allen’s on the Danforth in Toronto.  We sipped, we sniffed and we tested. The results are IN. Find out just how good a CanadianContinue reading “Is Guinness as good in Canada as in Ireland?”