Traditional Spanish Sangria recipe…

A bottle of affordable Spanish red wine
A similar quantity (or slightly less) of 7up, Sprite or other sparkling lemon drink
A glass of liquor (ideally brandy, whiskey or cointreau)
A peach
An apple
An orange
3 oz of sugar
*Rioja would be fine

Chop the fruit and soak in the liquor in the fridge overnight (optional). Any liquor will do (well, perhaps not vodka or gin). If you are worried about mixing your drinks, stick to grape-based beverages and choose brandy. You can be adventurous with the fruit – kiwi is popular and I’ve seen banana used. But peach is always good – the flavor nicely infuses into the drink.
Pour the wine, liquor & fruit and lemonade into a punch bowl and add lots of ice. If you are preparing immediately before serving and you’d like it to stay slightly fizzy, pour the lemonade into the bowl first and pour the other ingredients in slowly.
Add half the sugar and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Taste. If it doesn’t taste sweet enough, add more sugar. You’d be surprised how much sugar is necessary.
Add ice and serve.
Note that the quantities are not very exact. There is no science to making sangria. Just see what tastes best!

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