Wine 101 Step Two (the rest of the world’s top wine regions)

Wine Regions of Italy, Spain, the U.S., and more Having covered the regions of France in Wine 101 Part 1, this Part 2 now covers additional exciting wine regions to round out your wine experience. ITALY Historic and cultural, Italian wines are to be discovered and savoured. Special wines Barolo The Piedmont region in theContinue reading “Wine 101 Step Two (the rest of the world’s top wine regions)”

Bordeaux Wine Region (king of them all)

Bordeaux is the top wine region in the world. Not just  legendary and cultural, it also produces the top wines. These wines serve as the benchmark for all others. Bordeaux is an Eighteenth Century architectural and cultural gem. The city by that name has 600,000 residents and is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. ItContinue reading “Bordeaux Wine Region (king of them all)”