The elegance of Irish Whiskey

I was invited to Allen’s in Toronto to learn about Irish Whiskey.  Proprietor John Maxwell is passionate on the subject, so I felt I was in good hands. Onward! I will accept responsibility for the “beginner” level notes.  Any literary sophistication that may have crept in are John’s influence.  Following is the lineup of ourContinue reading “The elegance of Irish Whiskey”

Is Guinness as good in Canada as in Ireland?

Having been to Guinness in Ireland last year, we came back intigued about this.   So we decided to test the pints this side of the pond. Read about our visit to Allen’s on the Danforth in Toronto.  We sipped, we sniffed and we tested. The results are IN. Find out just how good a CanadianContinue reading “Is Guinness as good in Canada as in Ireland?”