Vidal Blonde Champagne Sabering Blindfolded

Vidal Blonde sabers a bottle of Calamus StarStruck sparkling Riesling. Zoltan Szabo had taught her how to saber sparkling wines the day before. She got so good at it that she wanted to try doing it blindfolded. Nailed it the first try. Zoltan Szabo presides over the event, Johanna and The Wine Baron comment inContinue reading “Vidal Blonde Champagne Sabering Blindfolded”

Zoltan does the Champagne Sabre at the Wine Baron’s rez. Pre-cursor to him going for the world record.

The ritual dates back to the time of the Huszars. A theatrical way to open a bottle of Sparkling wine. Here he does it on a bottle of Valdivieso sparkling (blanc de blanc). He is planning to break the world record soon!