The good life at Windermere House on Lake Rosseau, #Muskoka – Craft beer of course

Want to feel peaceful, away from it all, and in the lap of luxury? This spot does the trick. Lake Rosseau is one of the gems of cottage country north of Toronto. Windermere House does it right. I’m dining here at the resort and enjoying a lager from @muskokabrewery . Refreshing and pure. Ahhhhh, theContinue reading “The good life at Windermere House on Lake Rosseau, #Muskoka – Craft beer of course”

Rhone Valley wine region in 7 days

Visiting the Rhone Valley wine region I had the good fortune to visit the various Rhone valley wine regions for seven days. The areas within are visually beautiful. The wines of the North can best be described as elegant and delicate. In contrast, the wines of the South are rustic and full of personality. Probably myContinue reading “Rhone Valley wine region in 7 days”

A visit to Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art

We were in Bermuda for a family wedding. The historic semi-tropical paradise was the perfect place to be for the happy occassion and was just perfect for relaxing, exploring and hitting the beach. Bermuda has many treasures. And one of the gems we’d heard of from artist Chris Bacon was Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art.Continue reading “A visit to Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art”

Wonderful post-wedding dinner at Tucker’s Point in Bermuda. Here’s the traditional Bermuda wedding cakes they made for our wedding party.

          Tucker’s Point is the pinnacle of dining, spa and places to stay in Bermuda. See for more.