Niagara Vineyard Walks

Niagara wine country vineyard walks

Experience Niagara wine country like never before!

Sip, stroll, and learn. Start with wine tasting in the winery, then get a guided tour in the vineyard. Learn about grape growing and how wine is made. In a gorgeous setting.

Paul Singer, "The Wine Baron"

Paul Singer, AKA “The Wine Baron,” is a seasoned wine blogger and has also been a consultant to several Ontario wineries for two decades. Tap Paul’s knowledge of wine and vineyards.

The Wine Baron creates a unique experience that’s both enjoyment and education. Learn how to taste wine like a pro and experience the vineyards in a fun and informative way!

Niagara vineyard

Your winery/vineyard experience

  1. When you book, I’ll follow up with you to help choose the right winery for your experience. I have 2 wineries to choose from (one in Vineland, one in Niagara-on-the-Lake).
  2. Meet up with me at the winery. We’ll start with an educational stroll through the vineyard. Learn about grape growing, the local wine region, and how wine is made.
  3. Enjoy a guided wine tasting at the winery. You and your group will sample wines and learn how to taste wine like a pro. We’ll go over the tasting characteristics of the most popular wine varietals, their original European wine regions, and how they do in Niagara.
  4. Visit the winery shop and purchase your favorites. Light fare may also be available from the winery if you want to linger with food.


The combined experience of wine tasting and Vineyard Walk is $65 to $75 per person (2 – 12 people).

Details: The vineyard walk is $45 per person. The wine tasting* is $20 to $30 per person depending on the winery we visit.

*Enjoy 3 to 4 wines of your choice (depends on the winery)

King's Court Winery


Allow a reasonable amount of time for the wine tasting and about 35 minutes for the Vineyard Walk. Your combined structured experience will be a little over an hour. Then linger as long as you wish.

Note: We work with 2 wineries for the 2023 Season (in Vineland or Niagara-on-the-Lake). Contact Paul Singer – The Wine Baron HERE for more info.


The Wine Baron is pleased to be your “Vineyard Walk” host. He’s got a fun take on the world of wine. He’s spent many years in wine, craft beer and spirits, both as a writer and as a marketing guy for wineries and craft breweries. He’s been writing about wine regions and their wineries for a long time. He delightfully shares his knowledge and experience with you. Cheers!

“Paul was an amazing wine host for our group at one of the smaller Niagara wineries. He guided us through a wine tasting, the lush vineyards, and explained so much about the wonderful world of wine. The whole experience lasted a bit over an hour. Then we stayed on the patio with wine and cheese. Thanks Paul!”

J. Moran, Toronto

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Published by Paul Singer

Personal: wine, travel, people. Professional: writer/blogger, mentor, marketer. One side of my life is as "The Wine Baron." The other sides include a broad range of business endeavours, including marketing of cool and innovative products.

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