Smithavens Brewing Company crafting attention getting beers

Smithavens Brewing of Peterborough is doing a great job getting their award-winning ales and lagers into The Beer Store, grocery stores and LCBO. I’m happy they’re getting easy to find because these are such great beers. You can’t beat small batch naturally brewed Ontario craft beer. These beers taste fresh and natural. Generally craft beers have just 4 ingredients. And they have personality. Smithavens’ beers are exceptionally so.




Smithavens understands the craft difference and they do their best to brew the finest beers possible. Every batch.

Whether it’s an Amber Lager, Dunkelweizen, 7% Blonde, Schwarzbier, Crabby Abby Ale, Hefeweizen, Belgian Pale Ale (Nottabottle), or Kellerbier Pale Lager, these brews rock with quality, flavour and drinkability. The latter two (bold italics) are easy to find in a growing number of LCBO stores.

Nottabottle Belgian pale ale has standout quality with easy-to-enjoy fruity flavours and is not too bitter. I adore this beer! Kellerbier comes in a bottle and with its bottle conditioning, comes across as fresh as if you drew it from a keg.


Check with your local store to see if they carry Smithavens. If not, ask them to order it in for you. That’s what good service is all about.

The brewery is located in Peterborough. Sample at the tasting bar, sit and have a beer in the bar, take a tour. A nice place to visit!

Call the brewery for a growing list
of grocery stores
that carry their beers

Smithavens at LCBO: Product Search

Smithavens on the web
Smithavens on Twitter











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