Viewpointe LCBO releases for 2016

Viewpointe Estate winery makes a very nice bottle of wine. Here is the schedule of Vintages releases in LCBO for 2016.

February 2016 through summer:  Cabernet Merlot Balance Pointe 2010. A premium Bordeaux style wine that showcases an Ontario winery’s ability to make a world class red wine. Outstanding red for the enthusiast. In selected stores  [LCBO stock by store].

May 14: Cabernet Franc Focal Pointe 2010.  One of the best Ontario Cab Francs I’ve ever tasted. Will feature as the local find (Astrid’s Picks) and a full page in Vintages Magazine. 100 case release to about 80 stores  [LCBO stock by store].

July 9: Pinot Noir Fine Pointe 2010.  A purist’s Pinot Noir. Delicate and Burgundy in style. This will likely be a “great values for summer” feature. Very limited release to about 50 stores.

Sept 17:  Cabernet Merlot Balance Pointe 2010.  As noted above, this wine will be re-released in Vintages during Ontario’s month in LCBO, Period 7. There will be an EPIC (Essex Pelee Island Coast) wine region story published to coincide with this release. 100 case release to about 80 stores.

In addition to the above new releases, Viewpointe’s Big Bluff Red Blend, Big Bluff White Blend, and 08 “Big V” Cab Merlot are permanently available in 30 stores in the Windsor area and just the 08 Cab Merlot in about 50 LCBO VQA cluster stores.


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