Paris restaurant wows us. Outstanding French Cuisine.


Remember the name. There are great restaurants in Paris and not so great. Drouant is great! When in Paris, be sure to dine here

This historic Parisian restaurant was founded in 1880, and has been the recipient of the famous Goncourt and Renaudot prizes since 1914. Antoine Westermann became owner and chef in 2006.

The restaurant was just a one block walk from our hotel, the Hotel de Noailles at 9 Rue de la Michodière, 75002 Paris. It was all very proper. The Sommelier came first to take our wine order and make some pairing suggestions. We settled on Le Vendangeur Masqué Bourgogne (means masked picker) Chablis, see photo. A bit about the producer here, and  about the wine here:

Alice and Olivier de Moor make pure, natural wines from small plots in Chablis.

They have been tending their organic vines near their village of Courgis for over sixteen years. Corgis is northwest of Dijon. The area is cold, leading to low yields from the vines. Both Alice and Olivier share the winemaking.

All grapes are picked by hand. Only natural yeasts are used and the wines are matured in oak barrels that are generally one to four years old so that the oak does not dominate the delicate chardonnay flavours.

The waiter then came and took our food orders. We went for braised lamb in gravy with full garlic cloves and of course, French fries. The fries were the best I’ve ever had.

Other Typical Menu Items


Souper, dès 21h30…
Nos suggestions à déguster dans l’ordre

ou, le désordre…

Pâté en croûte de Drouant – 25 euros

Tartare de saumon à l’aneth – 17 euros

Minestrone de légumes au pistou – 18 euros

Salade d’endives & de pommes, Fourme d’Ambert – 17 euros


Suprême de pintade de Challans rôti,
fricassée de pomme de terre Grenaille
& de champignons – 23 euros

Tartare de boeuf,
frites maison & salade verte – 27 euros

Dos de cabillaud poêlé, jus au persil
& fricassée de légumes de saison – 29 euros


Millefeuille à la vanille Bourbon – 14 euros

Le Paris-Brest – 14 euros

Le Baba au Rhum de Drouant – 16 euros

Le Crumble aux pommes, glace à la vanille – 16 euros


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