A visit to Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art

We were in Bermuda for a family wedding. The historic semi-tropical paradise was the perfect place to be for the happy occassion and was just perfect for relaxing, exploring and hitting the beach.

Bermuda has many treasures. And one of the gems we’d heard of from artist Chris Bacon was Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art. So we had to pay a visit and experience it for ourselves. “Enriching the community through art and education,” the official byline concisely begins to elucidate the sheer value of this inspiring facility. Masterworks brings back works of art inspired by Bermuda created by such well-known artists as Winslow Homer, Henry Moore, Georgia O’Keefe and Ogden Pleissner, to name a few. Each of them were roused and stimulated by the Island’s life, people and scenery. Each captured a facet of the charm on canvas or other media. The museum promotes local Bermudian artists and their creations as well, and provides educational resources, workshops, and after-school programs.

We arrived on a warm and sunny Saturday morning to be greeted by founder Tom Butterfield and curator Elise Outerbridge. The museum is in the middle of the impressive Botanical Gardens, itself a worthy destination. Tom wasted no time in launching into the reasons for his passion and dedication. He immediately led me to a nearby painting and explained its history, how and why it moves him, and its value to the collection. Thus began an hour and a half journey of visual delights as Tom and Elise mentored us through several dozen works (out of the 1,300 works total).  CONTINUE READING

Masterworks Painting
St. George’s Harbour [painting 1821] by Thomas O’Brian Mills Driver

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