Railway City Iron Spike & Dead Elephant are two cool beers

I had occasion to visit Railway City Brewing in St. Thomas a couple of days ago. The brewhouse is state-of-the-art and the brewmaster really knows his stuff. Following are two of my favourites. Both available in LCBO.

St. Thomas was once the railway capital of Canada, having six railway lines (compared to four in Toronto). The city was the transfer point for Chicago to New York travel and quite the hub in its day. Thus the moniker “Railway City.” This brewery honours that tradition with gorgeous beers…

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Railway City Iron Spike Blonde Ale

Pours from the 473 ml can with a light golden amber colour and a frothy cap. Enjoyable and balanced notes of mild hops, citrus, blackcurrants, flower petals, sweet grains and pine. A crisp brew with a long, slightly bitter and refreshing finish. Light carbonation. 4.3 %. $2.60. An excellent beer for those who aren’t afraid of a bit of flavour!


Railway City Dead Elephant IPA

A tribute to Jumbo the Elephant, who was tragically killed in a railroad accident in the late 1800’s in St.Thomas, at the time Canada’s railway capital.

Jumbo is featured throughout St.Thomas from the life size statue at the city’s west entrance, to the large wall murals on downtown buildings.

Jumbo was the prize attraction of the P.T. Barnum Circus that performed throughout North America. What a lot of people don’t realize is that during the early days, many circuses travelled by train, and thus many travelled to St.Thomas as part of their route.

Pours out of the 473 ml can with a rich golden colour and good froth. Apricot, candy and grassy notes combine with grapefruit briskness in a full bodied ale. Very nice lingering hop finish. Light carbonation. 6.8 % alcohol. $2.85. A super cool concept beer whose flavours live up to the hype.



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