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@Fraticellis Richmond Hill, authentic Italian grill. Great experience in food, service and wines!

PHOTOS: 1. Wine Cellar, 2, 3. Dining area, 4. Kitchen, 5. Exterior, 6. Patio, 7. Piano lounge, 8. Grilled Calamari, 9 – 11. Our pizzas and pasta.

The restaurant is housed in an attractive building in Richmond Hill, near Buttonville airport. The patio looks inviting – we’ll have to do that next time. This time we eye the little lounge by the grand piano. It’s tucked in the expansive bar area, replete with all the comforts and flat HD TVs. We look at the dinner menu for future reference. Very nice. But this is mid day, so we order from the lunch menu. Not an item here that each of us won’t want to try in future visits…


From the grilled calamari to the two pizzas, to the authentic pasta, they are all delicious, fresh and authentic. Home-cooked meets cutting-edge. The service is also excellent. Our server loves it here and it clearly shows.


We enjoy several local Ontario wines (OK, it is now late afternoon). Excellent. There’s rumour that they are considering expanding their selection of local wines and beers. Some exclusive. Sounds great.




This is a class act. We feel good being here. It’s kind of fancy and comfortable at the same time. It truly reflects Italian fare and flair.  The prices are reasonable. We’re not easy to please. But Fratacelli’s does it with ease. “Hey girls, when do we come back?”


Fraticelli’s is part of Tortoise Restaurant Group, whose well-known establishments include Turtle Jack’s and Local Eatery.




 Fraticelli’s Italian Grill & Lounge

10 Vogell Road,

Richmond Hill, ON

L4B 3K4

Twitter: @fraticellis