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I joined a friend at a new concept restaurant in Burlington the other day to see what all the buzz is about. I discovered an urban / fun / young (& young thinking) clientele who were quite happy to get to know the folks on the bar stool or in the booth next to them and strike up friendships.

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I feel a bit of a 50’s Drive Inn/Happy Days nostalgia, or perhaps Cheers, mingled with the modern comforts of about two dozen flat TV screens and attractive decor. It’s a comfortable place. The sports buff will also have plenty to feel at home about.

The food and wine focus are on fresh, local Ontario. And they have big plans to source new discoveries in Ontario wines. Stuff you won’t find in LCBO. They’re talking my language!

I order a pint of Guinness to start. There’s a way to dispense Guinness.  It was properly poured, I might point out.[[posterous-content:pid___3]]

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We ordered Southwest Rolls (a hint of spice, and delicious), Pulled Pork Taco with pineapple (excellent), and Avocado Burger (fresh, savoury, and mouth-watering). I am not that easily impressed, so all 3 of the dishes came as a welcome surprise.

LOCAL is part of the Tortoise Restaurant Group Inc family, well known for Turtle Jack’s.

I plan to go back and meet more cool people, enjoy the genuine friendliness and product knowledge of the staff, and try out some of those new wine discoveries.



4155 Fairview Street, Burlington, ON
Telephone: 905-633-9464

2 Fisherman Drive, Brampton, On
Telephone: 905-495-1126


Web: http://mylocalrefuge.com

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