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More on visit to Muskoka Brewery. Venture off the beaten path with me as I talk to the brewers & taste the beers of this exciting company.

The Beers
Muskoka Craft Lager
 A clean and crisp lager. Gold medal winner. Approachable and drinkable.


Cream Ale
 Their first beer, and the flagship product. Brewed with cascade hops. Amber colour, floral notes. Smooth and laid-back in the English pub style.

Dark Ale

  This southern English style brown ale is at the light end of the Porter spectrum. It’s a bronze medal winner and has lots of personality.
Mad Tom IPA
 A 6.4 % beer made with dry hops. Born this year! Nice citrus notes but not too bitter, excellent balance of aroma, bitterness and malt body. Silver medal winner.

Harvest Ale
 750 ml. A British style pale ale, 6.4%, dry hopped to allow aromas to come out. Seasonal, so get it now, or wait til next harvest.

Double Chocolate Cranberry Stout
 This 8% beauty is also in a 750 ml bottle. Featuring ingredients from the cranberry marsh nearby and cocoa nibs. It’s a very nice dessert beer.

About 1/3 of their beer is sold to restaurants in kegs, 2/3 in bottles and cans to the public.

James Brewer